Our Mission

The Child Protection Connection has been created to help protect abused and neglected children from additional harm by:

  1. raising awareness of the issues these abused and neglected children face
  2. providing judges, attorneys, and other child advocates and professionals with important tools and resources to insure these children receive the best results for their futures through a growing network of state-specific systems
  3. driving a national conversation about child abuse and neglect that serves as a catalyst for action and systemic change on behalf of our nation's most vulnerable children.

The Child Protection Connection is being developed by Texas Loves Children, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve case outcomes for abused and neglected children by enhancing the quality of legal services they receive. The most important decisions about an abused or neglected child's future are made in court, and every child removed from his or her home for abuse or neglect has a court case. Despite the fact that these decisions are so crucial that they often result in life or death consequences for the child, the court systems handling child abuse and neglect cases are unfortunately overburdened, underfunded, and are severely lacking the resources that are readily available in other areas of the law. We must work together to insure the decisions made on behalf of these children will result in their protection.

Through our growing network of state-specific systems, the Child Protection Connection is acting as a catalyst for change by providing judges, attorneys, and other child advocates and professional with free access to a wealth of online resources and communications tools including:

  1. easily searchable comprehensive child abuse law libraries organized into hundreds of topics
  2. secure communications tools including email networks, document vaults, discussion boards, and urgent legal news alerts
  3. pro bono networks enabling volunteers to help children in their respective specialties
  4. free access to prominent national experts in medicine and psychology that capture their insights, wisdom, and creative thinking
  5. online training programs

By connecting child professionals with each other and to the best information, expertise, and ideas, the Child Protection Connection acts as a catalyst for systemic change, a method for sharing best practices, and can even create a path for faster court decisions on behalf of these children.