America needs a
Kid Code Blue

A child is confirmed as abused or neglected every 45 seconds in America. We have issued a "KID CODE BLUE" to bring attention to this crisis level on behalf of America's abused and neglected children. With your help, we can work together through our KID CODE BLUE campaign to protect the more than 702,000 children abused each year from additional harm. Court decisions made on behalf of these children are so critical they often result in life or death consequences for the child. Contributions like yours are enabling us to raise awareness of the issues facing these abused and neglected children. Make your donation, then please share the KID CODE BLUE message. Help us raise awareness for the issues these children face. Your financial gifts help the Child Protection Connection to connect child professionals with each other and to the best information, expertise, and ideas to insure these abused and neglected children receive the best outcomes for their futures. The funds raised through donations like yours enable the creation of critical tools and essential resources for judges, attorneys, and other child advocates and professionals working in the overburdened and underfunded court systems handling these children’s cases. Click an amount below and take action on behalf of our abused and neglected children!

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